Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a brand building consultancy based in Thunder Bay, ON that delivers a full suite of unique and inclusive brand building solutions.

Achieving an inclusive consensus in building your brand is essential in getting buy-in from all individuals of the organization, as they would have now been part of the process. They will become the committed face of your company, all playing from the same playbook they helped create.

It is about the organization taking the pride and values they have in working at their company and packaging it for others to see. There is no better sales force than every employee projecting the same persona in the things they do. Every time a customer or potential customer experiences your company they should feel your brand promise coming through.

After all, brand advocacy begins with each and every individual at all levels of your company and organization.

Whether you are building a new brand or in the process of a re-brand exercise, our team is resourceful and driven by passion to help you succeed. By combining our marketing plus technology expertise with our hunger for innovation,  we constantly push ourselves to do better for you . Our motivation is built on our 3 core values;


The outcome will be revolutionary for you and the journey will be transformational.