Nobody knows your brand better than you do.  Our job is to provide the framework and processes that enables you to bring your brand to life.

Our online outreach tools and services allow for the participation of those not normally able to participate in brand building. We can elicit representation across your entire brand ecosystem including customers, the public, and employees, partners, suppliers, investors and other  stakeholders.

Through a series of pre-workshop exercises, we gather valuable input, compile, analyze and present the findings in a very concise format that will be incorporated in the development of the brand strategy and promise. Your brand decisions will be based on the sound data compiled, analyzed and presented in a format applicable to building your brand

Using our inclusive framework, all those invited to contribute to your brand building strategy will be able to participate in the workshop  that is uniquely broken down into these three areas.

1. Pre-workshop – online exercises that are inclusive and doable at the convenience of each contributor.

2. Workshop – interactive sessions utilizing information compiled from the pre-workshop exercises and leverage outcome driven sessions (real time polling using smartphones and tablets)

3. Action Register – actionable based report to ensure the great things developed during the workshop are captured so the path forward is clearly defined.

Our unique and inclusive brand building solutions combine every aspect of your business, company or organization. At the end of the workshop we will have coached you through the process of building your brand pyramid that is illustrated below

brand pyramind